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The Uber-Simple Documentation

This is the rough guide to the Uber-Simple Portfolio Gallery for setting up your own online portfolio. A very rough guide! More extensive documentation will develop here as we go. In the meantime, you can contact me with questions.

The first step...


Uber-Simple Portfolio Gallery v1.1
(November 13, 2006) 1.4 MB ZIP



Un-zip that download, and upload all files to where you want your portfolio page to appear. The location of the index.php file is the point at which your portfolio will be viewable. Everything is good to go "as-is". We'll talk about tweaking it later.

Customize your default gallery ...

If you look inside the portfoliofiles directory, you will find three galleries already there. Two are samples (they can be deleted whenever you want), and there is a default folder. The default is the gallery that shows when no other gallery is selected. (ie: the "home page") You will want to customize this to suit your portfolio.

First, open the info.php file in any text editor, or a website program like Dreamweaver. Each gallery folder contains one info.php file. This is where you set the title and description for that gallery. Simply replace the text in the example with your own message.

These are the fields available to use in each info.php file...

$projectinfo['title'] - This is the title of the gallery, displayed at the top of the page of the active gallery, and used in the browser's title bar. If nothing is set, it defaults to the always popular "Untitled".

$projectinfo['description'] - This block of text is displayed underneatht he photos in the active gallery. It offers an explanation of the gallery, or any text you want.

$projectinfo['menu'] - This is the text that will be used as the menu link to this gallery (if you are using automatic menu creation). If this is not set, it will use the 'title' value.

$projectinfo['order'] - You can use this value to control the order of galleries in the menu. So if you want gallery B to show up before gallery A, you can set this to 1 and 2, respectively. By default, the order is 2... which means you can easily specify a gallery to be at the top by setting it to 1.

All info.php values are optional, but it is recommended to use at least the title and description.

In the description, if you put in a line break (ie: hit enter, and go to a new line) that will be reflected on the website. You can also put in any HTML formatting you would like.

Note: Due to the way PHP works, if you want to use a double-quotation anywhere in your text, you must escape it by putting a backslash before it. (ie: put \" instead of just " ) The double-quotations at the beginning and end of the text should stay as they are.

Adding images...

Adding images is as simple as uploading them to the gallery folders. For the "out-of-the-box" format, your full-size images must be 400 x 250 pixels. Thumbnails must be 80 x 80 pixels.

Using PNG format for your images is recommended because it offers high quality. Yes, it takes longer to load, but that shouldn't be an issue when viewing a portfolio. Quality counts!

Your files can be named however you wish, however, your thumbnail image must use the exact name of the file, with '_thumb' tagged onto it. So, if you have 'myphoto.png', then you want to have 'myphoto_thumb.png' be the thumbnail.

Regarding file formats, by default, USPG is set to display GIF, JPG, and PNG image files. You can use any of those in your galleries, however your thumbnail must be the same format of the main image file.

Adding galleries...

To add a new gallery, you must create a new folder with a unique name (ie: myphotos) and include an info.php file within that new folder. (remember to update the text to describe your new gallery) Then it's just a matter of uploading your files into that folder. No further settings are required. If the images are there, they will be displayed in your gallery.

Your new gallery will be availiable online at index.php?project=myphotos where the project name is equal to the gallery folder name. You can edit the index.php file to add a link to this new gallery in the menu.

More questions? Contact Me