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WowTabs - Create Custom Javascript Tabs

Well whaddya know! This is a side project I started months ago. Actually, one of my first forays into the wonderful world of javascript tabs was for use with the Web Wow Audio interface. Now I'm unleashing the easy way to create tabs for yourself that are customized and color matched for your website.

These super-cool tabs feature attention to detail like the overlap effect between tabs. (this is so annoying to programmers that it's rarely put into use) Now it's all a click away.

Get started using WowTabs on your website at http://www.webwowtools.com/tabs

Uber-Simple Portfolio... Gallery

Uber-Simple Portfolio Manager is dead! Long live Uber-Simple Portfolio Gallery!

What's wrong with "Manager"? Well... it's inaccurate. Manager says, to me, a much more robust script that includes a back-end administration and all that junk. Gallery is a much better fit for this project.

That is just the first change that arrived with the release of version 1.1 of this script.

Also... Automatic Menu Creation... I've uber-simplified things a bit further by eliminating the need to update your menu if and when you add a new gallery. Now the menu is automatically created by flipping through your uploaded gallery folders, and reading the info.php files. So, if a folder is there, it shows up in the menu.

For those of you wanting more control over your gallery menu, you can flip the manual over-ride switch and edit the menu.php file yourself.

Also... Flexible File Handling... by popular demand! (well... one request) I've made the gallery more flexible to allow different types of image files. By default, it displays any PNG, GIF, or JPG files in your gallery folders. Also, you can name those files whatever you want instead of numbering things... as long as your _thumb file matches up.

You can download the latest at http://www.webwowtools.com/uber-simple-portfolio

Obligatory Introduction

Ahhh... the first post in a new blog. Here's the skinny...

Who: I'm Ryan Pilling, the designer/programmer/guy who runs this site.

What: A blog to report on the status of projects here at Web Wow Tools, and likely other tidbits from around the web relevant to site designers, programmers, and managers.

When: Probably not too regularly or often. Only when warranted by something newsworthy. Dang, I wish the TV followed that guideline.

Where: Broadcasting from my headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Why: Because after releasing my first open source script, I realized I needed some way to keep in touch with those who download and use my offerings.

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